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In 2017, everything seems unstable and weird; all the old signposts that told us what basic reality should be are now being torn down.

The psychological thriller A Cure For Wellness may be an ideally warped mirror for the new world. An ambitious young businessman, played by Dane DeHaan, is on an assignment that should be easy: Travel to an exclusive medical retreat in the Swiss Alps to convince his CEO to return with him to the States in order to sort out a few irregularities.

That retreat, however, isn't just some cushy getaway for the rich and unwell. It's a strictly run outfit with deceptively nefarious aims — think of the Village in vintage BBC series The Prisoner, but with bizarre water treatments and a bathtub full of eels.

That's right, eels. In a bathtub. Director Gore Verbinski (who made the original Pirates of the Caribbean, the first US Ring remake, and the very awesome Rango) doesn't stop at flirting with the utterly unusual. He paints with big, elemental images: bodies suspended in water; squirm-inducing collisions between people and animals; inhumane industrial corridors; and medical procedures that simply can't be considered safe.

Those images and more are contained in the videos that follow. Watch these clips and see if you're ready to take the cure.