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Everyone has a favorite memory of watching a movie for the first time and being utterly blown away.

Each of us can remember exactly where we were when we saw a life-changing movie; we can recall exactly how we felt as we watched. Whether it became a fundamental part of our childhoods, made us want to get into the business of making movies, or one that saved us at a time we needed saving, everyone has a story.

It hasn't been a great year for blockbusters. Aside from a few shining examples, the movie industry as a whole has taken a hit this year, with far too many subpar movies failing to meet audience expectations and leaving many disappointed. Think pieces aplenty have been written in an attempt to diagnose what's wrong with Hollywood and how to fix it. There have been others lamenting the over-saturation of tentpole movies, arguing that the industry would be better off if it just scrapped its reliance on them completely. I, however, come not to bury blockbusters, but to praise them (10 points to Gryffindor if you paid attention in English class and got that allusion).

The movie industry may be in a slump at the moment, but the criticism, as criticism so often does, has come from a place of love. In this case, it's love for an industry that has seemed to have lost its way as of late, at least to those of us lucky enough to grow up on a steady diet of the originalStar Wars trilogy and Spielberg's genius and the magic of the '80s, even the initial modern wave of superhero movies.

It's not blockbusters that are broken; it's the system that is. Movies in and of themselves are still amazing pieces of storytelling, a unique art form that is unlike anything else, both in what they are and how we experience them: together. Movies are, by their very nature, communal, and this is never more true than with blockbusters. There is no experience quite like being in a theater full of people simultaneously laughing and cheering when the protagonist saves the day or mourning together when they fall. For a run time of an hour and a half to three hours, we all experience the same thing as one, and our emotions are heightened by the responses of the strangers around us.

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Our fans weigh in with their favorite movie memories.

There. I said it. Hopefully, you haven't closed your browser window out of disgust, and you're still with me. I really have no excuse for this. I want to blame it on John Travolta, who hasn't made a good movie since 2004, with Ladder 49 and The Punisher. Someday, he might return to the glory of his Face/Off days, but it's been almost 20 years since then, so...probably not. But with Samuel L. Jackson (everything he's in is awesome) and Bruce Willis (also awesome) both being in this, among others, this can't be blamed on one of the lead actors. It's pure laziness on my part, plain and simple.

What I am familiar with, however, after having friends who have watched the movie multiple times over the past 22 years, are certain quotes and scenes from the movie. For instance, the ass watch and the heart-stabbing scenes. Thanks to YouTube, I'm a little TOO familiar with those.
What the hell am I blabbering about all this for? Well, you, the reader, get to witness history! The last 37-year-old male on the planet that hasn't watched Pulp Fiction is going to let you come along for an f-bomb laced NSFW ride. I've time-stamped when all of this happens, so if you want to watch the movie along with me as you read this, feel free!

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