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Why Time Travel Is A Truly Timeless Theme

Few themes have captivated our imaginations more than exploring beyond the here and now. Time travel has played a prominent role in cinema since the 1920s, and its popularity has only increased in recent years. From Back to the Future to About Time, time travel goes beyond science fiction to show us what we can learn from other eras. It also allows us to consider the paths in life we didn’t take, or what it would be like to undo our biggest mistakes. Here, we take a look at time travel’s greatest cinematic journeys, and why they mean so much to us.

Why We Turn To Time Travel Yesterday Today Tomorrow And Beyond

The world is undoubtedly in a state of unrest. With major events having taken place — from Brexit to the contentious race to the White House — there is a lot happening in the world at the moment.No matter your social or political leanings, it’s clear we live in a divisive time. But there’s one subject matter that all people, and even movie studios, gravitate toward: time travel. For decades, time travel has fascinated us. H.G. Wells first popularized the concept with his 1895 novel The Time Machine

Since then, time travel has been a constant of literature, film and television. Furthermore, with critically acclaimed shows like The FlashLegends of Tomorrow and Doctor Who reinvigorating interest in the plot device for today's generation — as well as classics like Back to the Future — it's evident that people still very much love time travel. The fact that three separate shows based on characters voyaging through history are scheduled to debut next season just proves this concept never goes out of style.

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Not Just Sci-Fi: The Best Time Travel Movies For Non-Geeks

Amie Bohannon

Hollywood often reserves the subject of time travel for the sci-fi and superhero genres. However, some of the best films surrounding time travel actually have nothing to do with sci-fi at all. From romance to horror, the subject of journeying through the eras has successfully crossed genres to give us fun, thought-provoking stories that break the boundaries of Hollywood and provide something for everyone. Whether you're a romantic-comedy type or love watching torrents of blood and guts, the subject of time travel has plenty of cinematic gems you are sure to love. 

As a means of narrowing down our definition of time travel, we've refrained from listing movies that include science-heavy machines or devices, or a Doc Brown-type character who explains how the time travel is happening. If you're fascinated with time travel but not into sci-fi and superheroes, it's OK. We've got your back. So without further ado, here is our list of the best non-sci-fi films to get you through the summer heat.

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time travelers' timeline

Kristin Lai

a Guide To The Craziest Time Paradoxes In Movie History

Have you ever watched a movie about time travel and felt even more confused as the credits roll? Trust me, you're not the only one. The concept of time travel has existed for centuries, but it's become an even more prominent theme in cinema as of late. Why? Well, who wouldn't love to travel back in time and right a wrong? Who wouldn't want to stop a catastrophic event from ever happening? That's why we love watching time travel movies so much — because we get to escape into a world where traveling to the past or future is actually possible.

As a plot device, time travel can be incredibly confusing, extremely exhausting and difficult to keep up with. But fear not, my fellow moviegoers, I'm here to explain some of the paradoxes that our favorite time travelers have created through the exploitation of their timelines, as well as pointing out a few of the complicated plot holes and paradoxes time travelers often find themselves tangled in.

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The 8 Most Underrated Time Travel Movies

Kristin Lai

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